Run – Walk – Crawl

Your distance is your vote!


The challenge:

Calling all fitness fanatics and movie goers. Join in our challenge today you filthy animals. We have picked some of the best movies from 2010 to 2019.

 Vote for your favorite movie by running, walking, stepping or even crawling. Then enter your distance and watch your favorite movies sail to success by checking the league table. 

 A challenge which allows a workplace to create a little healthy competition, while generating an atmosphere focused on fitness, health, and wellbeing.

 It’s as simple as that! You can enter as often as you like, and most importantly its FREE!!

 Enter now and you won’t regret it.



Summer 2021


Just step outside your front door and start.



What you need to do.

Put on your runners, head out your door and run/walk.

Movie Favourites from 2010 to 2019

Pick yours and run for it now 

Results upload



How to take part

  1. Put on your Runners
  2. Head out the door
  3. Run or walk as far as you plan
  4. When finished, simply enter your distance in the upload form below
  5. Check the league table below for your movie progress.
  6. Enter as often as you like.

How to upload

  1. Record event time
  2. Complete upload form
  3. Submit
  4. Click on Leaderboard in the menu to see how you and your club are doing


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Your e-bib

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